Do you know that love is the only gift that multiplies when you give it away? We are best when we are part of a team…. That's how we discover our true gifts and learn the power of appreciating others more capable than us.

When you have an idea or find something you want to do, ask yourself a question: am I willing to do this if it means losing what I already have? If the answer is "yes", then jump in!

Remember this - a dream is just a fantasy without a plan. Don't waste too much time dreaming about things that aren't attainable or that you're not willing to work for.

Have you ever watched a scary movie that seemed to really get under your skin? The director employs a trick. He leaves the scariest moments to your imagination.

What do you think of the statistic that reads 1 in 7.4 billion? Does it make you feel insignificant, as if you are a small fish in a vast ocean? Or does it make you feel special, unique and worthy?

Are you more interested in proving others wrong or doing what’s right? Remember, arrogance is a poison we drink slowly. It not only ends up killing us, but infecting those around us.

Dance. Be in harmony. Hum. Whistle. Every society that’s ever existed has had the need to create music and has fashioned instruments to create rhythmic sound. Coincidence? Music seems to be a core need

Play has a way of letting serious matters cook in one part of your brain to the point where they surface as “aha” ideas because your brain is in a state of fun.

Think of what can be done in just 5 seconds. You can open a door for another, engage in a quick hello, “how are you” exchange, give another a reassuring smile and pat on the back.

True motivation is generated when we know that our effort, win or lose, counts just as much as the achievement. There is glory in the sacrifice.

If at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail again. Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it? Not exactly a rally cry of the hopeful? Only, it just might be.

The hard truth is yes, love can be and is painful. But that’s what makes it the most beautiful and precious thing we can do.

Sometimes we get so fixated on our failure, so consumed with why we missed the mark that we miss the true beauty of the experience. Yes, the experience. Every failure has a message

The thing that gives us the desire to believe in someone is the same thing that makes us question the promise: the importance of trust.

Often times we use the words “fair” and “right” interchangeably. But they are not the same. There’s a difference between fairness and justice (what’s truly right).

There really is no such thing as a sudden success. No matter what anyone tells you, success is built over time.

Diamonds are rare. They are hard to find. They are built under extreme pressure and found amongst mud. They appear when you least expect it. But they are definitely worth the effort.

The pain of disrupted relationships is so powerful it makes us quickly run to the relative safety of rationalization. And, very often, these rationalizations convince us that black is white, up is down and wrong is right.

Pour your energy into the truth. Just because we believe it, even to the point of defense, doesn’t mean we’re right. Question everything. Take a hard look at yourself, at what you believe.

So today, pick your head up. Put your phone down. If someone needs to hear something, needs guidance or reassurance, don’t post it, tell them in-person.

The best “you” is a beautiful, rare, unique thing. Don’t limit yourself by trying to measure up to someone else’s standards. You are one-of-a-kind. Now go be the best you

Winston Churchill had a speech impediment, Van Gogh suffered from depression, Ernest Hemingway was an alcoholic. If you look back through the tunnel of time, many of history’s most revered figures had a glaring weakness.

I don’t know everything. But I know some things. And in order to pass those nuggets of wisdom along to my kids, I first needed to reach them where they live. So I tapped into a device that they could not ignore: their smart phone. About 2 years ago, I began sending my kids text messages. I’ve put together a book containing my best ones.

More importantly, I’ve gotten my adolescent children to understand more about life. That’s what it’s all about…

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Who am I

I’m a dad with two college-aged kids, Jett and Savannah. In my “spare time”, I co-own a marketing firm, with offices in 3 states. The dad job is fantastic but came with very little advanced training; I am both the boss (or co-boss) and guy that wheels the trashcan to the curb every Thursday. My family enjoys being together, our favorite vacations happen at the beach. My son and daughter are two of the most amazing people I know.

In the press

From the Chapter: Elevators

“…our job is to elevate others and not look down on them. We need to look others in the eye…”

From the Chapter: I have a dream

"Remember this - a dream is just a fantasy without a plan…”

From the Chapter: Fall forward

“…a lot of times, “years gone by” are littered with missed opportunities and wrong turns. But you're not everyone. You're different.”

From the Chapter: Phone hang-ups

"Are you so busy trying to capture memories on your phone that you forget to engage in life?”

From the Chapter: There’s only 1

"No one admires someone for giving 99%. For "almost" getting there. 100% means you're invested…you’re willing to put it all on the line”

From the Chapter: Playing by the rules

"Rules can become a prison that prevents us from living a full life.”

From the Chapter: What’s on your mind?

"Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?”

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"Don't Wait To Communicate!! Finished book start to finish over the weekend! Great and inspirational read. I am the father of two sons and a daughter all in their twenties..."
"Although I have occasionally expressed my love and given them inspiration by text and email in the past, I am now inspired to continue my communication with them on a regular basis because of Steve Sturges' incredible story of his love for his children..."
"For all those in need of a little inspiration or a pick me up this is the book for you. Had to be the first review! Been consumed for a little over an hour now. Great work from an amazing individual..."
"Great Messages!! This book has so many wonderful and inspirational messages to help parents who are experiencing increasing difficulties reaching their children in this technological age..."
"Fantastic advice for parents and their teens!! Fantastic advice for parents and their teens both!! There's so much here that I've always wanted to tell my kids but couldn't put the words together, couldn't put it down and I've already started sending my kids messages..."