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Escalators or stairs?

It’s a good question. By the time you finish reading this, perhaps you’ll change your answer. Have you ever seen that humorous photo showing two people ‘stuck’ as they ride an escalator? The joke is that the escalator has stopped moving... Continue Reading

Born to run

One of the first things a young baby does after she learns to stand, is run. That’s because it’s easier to run and keep your balance than walk. Think about that -­‐ we are designed to run. So today, eat,... Continue Reading

Art and Science

Is it really art OR science? Are those two opposites, or are they linked? To understand it best, let’s define both of them. Science is the acquisition of knowledge through observation. Hypotheses evolve to theories. Empirical testing turns theories into... Continue Reading

Phone hang-ups

Are you so busy trying to capture memories on your phone that you forget to enjoy the moment? Has your phone become the single best way to show the world who you are and what you’ve done? Then stop, pause and... Continue Reading